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Pauline Corrigan of Beenificial

How it all began…

When the youngest of my three sons went to school full time, I enrolled on a two year beauty therapy course. Just a few months after qualifying, I discovered a lump in my breast.

I kept thinking of what we were taught by a lecturer at college that Hairdressers and beauticians have a higher risk of developing cancer than most other professions, due to the excessive amount of chemicals they use. Around 60% of what we put onto our skin is directly absorbed into the body. I then made the decision that if I got the all clear; I would make some lifestyle changes. Thankfully; I was one of the lucky ones.

When I went to buy some natural skincare products I soon discovered that they were out of my price range. That spurred me on to make my own products. After four months of using them, people started to compliment me on my skin and ask what I was using. As a result I got a lot of orders!

In November 2010, having completed an advanced course in Natural Skincare, Beenificial Ltd was born. All my products are handmade with love, using natural ingredients. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I enjoy making them!

Pauline Corrigan